April 25, 2011

Tadika Si Manis Group

One Stop Centre for Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary Care

School Philosophy

We believe that a child has multiple intelligences that can be harnessed via effective application of learning concepts and principles.

Such application is enhanced by the following factors:

Qualified, competent and dedicated teachers

Improved and conducive learning environment

Comprehensive and enriched curriculum

Eclectic program using a combination of variety of approaches.

7 reasons why you choose us:

1. The biggest dedicated kindergarten premises in Bandar Sungai Long, more than10, 000 sq.ft. Bright, spacious, conducive learning environment.

2. Registered with the Ministry of Education & Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

3. Dedicated, qualified & competent team of teachers.

4. Curriculum designed in compliance with the National Preschool Curriculum.

5. Well equipped with teaching apparatus.

6. Application of Multiple Intelligence learning concepts.

7. Children engaged in character-building and soft skills.

Summer Academy

Learning is Fun; It is Fun to Learn...

Summer Academy is a Quality Kindergarten with International standards that prepares your children to be Leaders in a Global Environment. The founders of Summer Academy bring Child-Centered, Problem-Based and Holistic Learning methods and programmes from the UK, USA and the Netherlands.

Our aim is to create a solid foundation to meet tomorrow’s challenges with Confidence, Passion and Integrity. We also equip them to be multi-lingual from day one.

The Differences between Summer Academy’s and Traditional Approaches are as follows:

Summer Academy Traditional

Child Centered & Personalised Attention Class Room Centered

High Level of Child’s Participation Primarily Teacher Led

Positive Reinforcement Includes Negative Reinforcement

Motivating Child’s Interest to Learn Relies on Memorisation

Low Student – Teacher Ratio High Student – Teacher Ratio

Develop the Whole Child Basic Academic Learning

Contact Detail:

Age Range:

3-6 years old

Meals Provided:


Contact Details:

1B, Jalan SS18/1A

Subang Jaya, 47500


No. 16, Jalan SS21/48

Petaling Jaya, 47400


Tel: 03-5636 1107

Seri Mawar Childcare and Development Centre

Our Facilities

Seri Mawar is located in Avenue Park, One Ampang Avenue, a quiet peaceful park, ideal for nature and environmental studies. At Seri Mawar, children play and learn in a clean, spacious, purpose-built facility. Outdoors, there is a playground for fun, physical activities. Children have access to the Condominium’s facilities including two children’s pools, a cinemarette and a function room.

Mission Statement

Seri Mawar provides a well-rounded program within a warm, secure and stimulating environment, in which children are encouraged to be active learners so that they may develop into happy, confident and creative thinkers and problem-solvers. Our program encourages the social and emotional development of your child, as well as his/her cognitive and physical development.

Our Curriculum and Programs

Seri Mawar’s curriculum and programs are child-centered and holistic. We believe that children learn best through play and through a theme-based and integrated approach. Classrooms are divided into learning centers where children may choose to dress up and role play or paint, build with blocks or look at books. However, teachers do provide direction to ensure a balanced program.Your child is accepted for what he or she is. We build on your child’s strengths, providing developmentally-appropriate activities which are suitable to your child’s stage of development, abilities, needs, interests and background. All your child’s efforts will be acknowledged and accepted so that learning becomes meaningful, effective and FUN!

Our Teachers

Our teachers are carefully chosen, and have a keen interest in, and a genuine love for children. All teachers have an SPM (Form Five qualification), as well as a Montessori Diploma or other local certificates in early childhood care and education.

Other Information

Optional classes include English / Reading, Mandarin, Music and Art / Cookery. While children of residents have priority, the Centre is open to non-residents as well.


Age Range:

2-6 years old

Meals Provided:


Contact Details:

Avenue Park, One Ampang Avenue

Jalan Ampang Utama 2/1

Ampang, 68000


Tel: 03-4256 6665


UNIKIDSITY® specializes in early childhood education programmes, providing kindergarten and daycare services for children aged 2 years up to 6 years old.

UNIKIDSITY® MAKES LEARNING FUN AND PART OF YOUR CHILD’S GROWTH. Play is a fundamental process by which children learn. Through play, children are developing, discovering, sharing, creating, constructing, communicating, solving problems, playing roles, internalizing and exploring meaning.

LEARNING BEGINS at UNIKIDSITY®. Learning in these early years is rapid, and experiences provided in the school should serve as an extension of the child’s life at home. At UNIKIDSITY®, we provide conducive and prepared environment for children to enhance their learning readiness. We believe that the foundation of literacy is laid in the early years of a child before they go to school. Education should be focused with balanced overall development of an individual’s mental, physical, emotional and social skills through learning experiences both in the school and the community. Hence, loads of events and activities are created and organized with the involvement of parents and even the community.

EVERY CHILD IS AN INDIVIDUAL. The assessment on learning readiness which is conducted prior to each child’s enrolment in UNIKIDSITY®, provides constructive information for the teachers and parents to prepare and integrate meaningful themes to make every child actively involved in learning activities with conducive and prepared environment.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. In UNIKIDSITY®, we ensure that our parents are always in touch with their child’s learning development at school therefore we consistently send UNIKIDSITY®’s Weekly Newsletter to all our parents. Whereas our teachers are well-trained and carefully guided in curriculum planning and implementation, and classroom management as well.

YOUR CHILD IS OUR PRIORITY. We are proud to share that as much as we encourage learning through play, we highly regard classroom ethics and discipline. Our children behave, portray good manners at all times and have abundance of joy at school.

Outstanding features of UNIKIDSITY®:

Assessment on child’s learning readiness and progress.

Learning based curriculum emphasises on child-centeredness with whole child focus.

Learning through experience using sensorial abilities with prepared environment.

Active parental involvement: weekly newsletter, organising events, events with parents etc.

Conducive learning environment with age appropriateness; specially set-up classrooms according to age group.

One stop kindergarten with Mandarin, Islamic studies, ballet, piano,

tae-kwando, mini golf etc.

SEE TO BELIEVE. We encourage all parents who are eager to give the best for their child and curious to know more about us to browse our website at www.unikidsity.com.my and make an appointment to visit our outstanding school.


Age Range:

2-6 years old

Meals Provided:


Contact Details:

No. 2, Jalan SU 2C

Sering Ukay, 68000

Ampang, Selangor

Tel: 012 355 5936